Spring Volunteer Opportunities at Joslin Garden

Help us get Joslin Garden ready for our Spring Calendar of Events!

Volunteers needed! 
Thursday, April 4th, 9AM  - Noon

Open Garden Days are right around the corner! Please help us get the Garden ready for visitors, and for our other spring events, by joining us for a morning of work in the Garden.

We will be using pitchforks, wheelbarrows and hard rakes to spread wood chips along the trails. We may even collect sticks to help define some areas of the trails better. By defining the trails we are ensuring that patrons will have a safe and enjoyable experience when they explore the Joslin Property during the Open Garden Days and other events / programs. 
Volunteers should wear loose comfortable clothing that can get dirty, and sturdy closed-toe shoes like sneakers or hiking/work boots. The trails that can be steep or uneven at times. We will be pushing wheel barrows uphill and on soft ground. Restrooms are on site. We will be outside, so be sure and dress for the weather and drink plenty of water.  
Group Registration Information: Registration as a volunteer is first come, first served. If interested in registering as a group, please email mary.owens@raleighnc.gov. 

Important - Please use this link (below) to sign up for trail restoration:

Volunteer Requirements: You must be at least 12 years old to volunteer for the trail project. If under 15, then a parent or guardian will need to register to volunteer with you. All trail volunteers will need to complete a volunteer release form that will be sent to you after you sign up through the link.


Charity Events

Easter Egg Hunt & Mother’s Day Tea

Our traditional spring Easter Egg Hunt and Mother’s Day Tea will now be used to raise funds to help children in local homeless shelters to attend active outdoor summer camps this year! If you are interested in volunteering to help us host either event, please email us directly at  info@cityofoaksfoundation.org. 

The Joslin House is located at 2431 W. Lake Drive. Please park along the street so as not to block other volunteers in the driveway.