And the winner is…

Article written by Jen Baker (@JENBAKERNC) at Raleigh & Co. ( and reprinted here with her permission

It’s Oscar season, with all the glamour and drama Hollywood can produce. Closer to home, it’s another kind of award season, with decidedly less glitz and red carpet and a whole lot more green. Here in Raleigh, it’s the time of year to nominate organizations, businesses, projects and individuals committed to the environment.

Awards range from market transformation to green building design to urban stewardship to institutional innovation to outstanding youth and more, but it’s safe to say that with the City of Raleigh’s Environmental Award nominees around, we’re all winners. Over the course of the community-sponsored contest’s eight-year history, the hundreds of outstanding honorees all have one thing in common: they work to make our community a better place to live in the present while helping preserve that quality of life for generations to come.

That commitment to preservation is embodied in the work of the City of Oaks Foundation, first created to enable a generous gift of land by William and Mary Coker Joslin, recipients of the 2013 Legacy Award for their lifelong contributions to the environment.

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